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Marseille, 2022
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So, a bit more about me… I class myself as a T shaped Product Designer specializing in Interaction Design and Prototyping, but covering the entire end to end Product Design process from Discovery to Delivery. Oh I can also code, just enough to be dangerous.

🏡 I live in Walthamstow East London with my wife and my kid.

Outside of work my interests are, in no particular order:

🚴‍♂️ Bikes - Mainly BMX, but learning to enjoy adult sized bikes too.
🏛 Architecture - Predictably modernist, big fan of everything Le Corbusier.
🍕Pizza - I’ve been on a multi year journey to learn how to make the perfect margarita at home, more details here.
📷 Photography - In the words of Susan Sontag - “a heroic copulation with the material world”, what more could you ask for?
🎥 Film - Mainly European and South American. List here.

Work Expereince

Motorway - Product Designer


Working across different squads on internal Dashboard tool and the Customer Activation Journey.

Toyota Connected EU - Product Designer


Working on the Onboarding journey for car companion app - Toyota One app.

Sainsburys - Experience Designer


Leading up the digital experience of Sainsburys' Tu.co.uk Product, a roll which encompasses all aspects of UX and UI.

Argos - Expereince Designer


Spanning two Agile streams and dealing with all things visual/UI while working in tight collaboration with UX and Dev to rapid prototype and test experiences.


Pre 2016

Freelance Digital Design roles/contracts at various agencies.


Sony, Redbull, Unilever, Greenpeace, Smartest Energy, Princes Trust, Proper Bike Co.

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